Forster apologises after mistake

By SFC Media time Sat 03 Dec Palace vs Saints

An honest Fraser Forster apologised to his teammates following his error that led to the opening goal in Southampton's 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace.

Forster suffered an unfortunate moment when he went to clear the ball with his left foot as it ran across his body, only for it to flick off his right boot first and fall for Christian Benteke to tap in.

"It's just obviously flicked off my right foot as I've gone to clear it with my left, and it's on a plate for Christian," said Forster.

"It happens as a keeper and you've just got to take it and move on. It's not my first mistake, it won't be my last, and it's just disappointing because then we don't really recover, and to concede the second goal so quickly after that made it a big job for us to come back.

"It's just apologies to my teammates for making that mistake, but it's one of those things. We'll pick our heads up and move on, as we've got a massive game on Thursday [against Hapoel Be'er Sheva in the Europa League].

"It's obviously disappointing. You don't want to make those mistakes, but it's part of the game and you just pick your head up and move on. It's just back on the training pitch for me and work hard. You've got to brush yourself off and move on.

"When you concede a goal like that in those circumstances it obviously shakes the team a bit. We were kind of on top really before that happened, and, as I say, to concede the second goal in the manner we did, so soon after the first, makes it a tough day and then you've obviously got to start chasing the game.

"For us, not a great day at the office, but we've got a massive game on Thursday and it's just important we do the right things and prepare for that."


Report: Crystal Palace 3-0 Southampton
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