Bertrand back on track with Saints

By SFC Media time Sat 31 Oct Matchday Magazine

Ryan Bertrand reckons his career is moving forward again after settling into life as a full-time Southampton player.

Despite missing the first couple of months of this season, Bertrand has returned to play five of the last six games for Saints to continue the progress he made with both club and country last season.

He’ll be hoping to line up for Ronald Koeman’s men once again on Sunday against AFC Bournemouth – a club he previously played for on loan at the start of his journey into the professional game.

The relationship between Bertrand and Southampton is one that has benefited both parties as he explains in SAINTS this weekend.

He says: “I think we kind of met each other in the same period where we're both kind of established now, but both wanted to push on and do more and create some special moments. 

“Obviously, looking back, some people do make the switch from clubs and it doesn't go too well.

“But I think who wouldn't [move], having the chance to come and firstly play for a club like Southampton.

“It's such a renowned club now, there's a brilliant infrastructure, and the way it supports its players and the way it does everything for them. Great fans, the loyalty that they show to their players, the way they cheer us on week in week out. 

“To top it off to come and play with one of the legends of Barcelona – to come and learn from Ronald [Koeman] and a chance to really express myself and encourage the positive side of my game. It's almost like a perfect match.”

Read the full interview with Bertrand inside Sunday's edition of SAINTS which is available to pre-order now from – and will be on sale in and around St Mary’s, priced £4.