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Keeping St Mary's safe for everyone

The club has been working with the Premier League and local authorities to make sure that St Mary’s is safe and accessible for all this season.

Southampton Football Club would like to remind supporters that we are committed to ensuring a safe, accessible stadium that all of our fans can enjoy. We therefore want to make everyone aware of some changes that will be in effect when returning to St Mary’s in the 2022/23 season, all of which have been made in collaboration with the local authorities.

These changes have been made following a season when, throughout football, a disappointing increase in anti-social behaviour was witnessed. The Premier League has recently launched a league-wide campaign designed to raise awareness of the consequences of this anti-social behaviour, and we are committed to working with the Premier League and local authorities to ensure Southampton Football Club remains a family-friendly venue to be proud of.

This summer, the club appointed a new Safety Officer who is currently working closely with the local authorities to help eradicate unacceptable behaviour at St Mary’s, which will be supported by an increased steward presence in Itchen North. It is important to ensure safe and considerate behaviour in every stand in order to avoid the club having to operate at a reduced capacity in certain areas and hopefully prevent the installation of a solid boundary wall between home and away fans in the Itchen North corner.

Being able to demonstrate that we are able to operate safely at full capacity will also be vital as we look towards introducing safe standing at St Mary’s, something the club will continue to consult with fans about during the course of the season.

Ahead of the new season we ask all fans to follow these basic guidelines to ensure their safety and that of their fellow supporters.

  1. Look after your ticket. Remember that, according to our T&Cs, your ticket is non-transferable. If you share your Season Ticket and the person using it is ejected for anti-social behaviour, your ticket will be revoked and no refund will be provided. You may have seen that there is no availability for general purchase in Blocks 1 and 2 and these blocks will now only be available to purchase as a Season Ticket. For any fans who have already purchased a Season Ticket and wish to sit in this area please contact the ticket office, via or 02381 780780, who can assist with relocation. Due to the behaviour of some fans in the areas closest to the away segregation we are starting the season with a restricted capacity of 75 per cent in Blocks 1 and 2. This will be reviewed as the season continues on a match-by-match basis and we cannot rule out further sanctions if behaviour in this area does not improve.
  2. Bring an ID. You could be asked to show your ticket and identification by a member of our staff or the Police. If you are unable to show this, you may be asked to leave the stadium.
  3. Keeping you safe. Missile throwing, persistent standing, pyrotechnics or any other form of anti-social behaviour have no place at St Mary’s and will likely result in ejection, a ban and further action from the police.
  4. Stick to your area. It is a criminal offence to move beyond the barriers next to the pitch or to enter the playing area at any time (except for emergency situations). Anyone entering the field of play will be subject to a lengthy ban from the stadium and face further action from the police.

The passion and commitment from fans make the atmosphere at St Mary’s so incredible and we believe the majority of fans will welcome these changes and thank you all in advance for your continued support.

Let’s continue to work together and keep everyone safe.

More information relating to the Premier League fan behaviour campaign can be found here.

If you have any comments relating to the above please contact